Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mr. Wood of Wood Monsters on wood floor repair

Real wood flooring is one of the most simple of all floors to repair. Options range from a full sand and refinish to spot repair of a simple scratch or dent. Do-it yourself hardwood flooring repair kits are available from many companies but without professional help in the selection of these items it is very hard for a consumer to know which is the correct product for the repair. Wood Monsters employees are well versed in this area of expertise and have available hardwood floor repair experts for further consultation when needed.

Burn in kits for deep scratches, "Bona" top coat finishes designed to be applied over the surface of the existing pre-finished floor, color putty and touch up pens are just some of the examples of wood floor repair products available through Wood Monsters.

We welcome all questions regarding the repair and maintenance of your hardwood floor and will provide answers to all inquiries.

Best regards,

Mr Wood